Four strength of our services

We believe space is a communication medium. We don’t favor one style over another. We fabricate a spatial persona based on the context of each project. Style is born from this persona. People will only immerse in a soulful space. We give every project the attention it deserves.

No two spaces are the same; each one is tailor-made for its own soul.

Once we find a space’s unique persona, all elements in the space will be composed and choreographed to present that personal-ity. Like a baking recipe, design takes the perfect mix of ingredients to produce the right taste. We often have to modify or recreate a piece of furniture or lighting fixture from scratch , or we may even explore a new material application that we have never done before in order to achieve that perfect alchemy.

We don’t comprise the final space experience with inadequate elements; we believe in a holistic approach.

We do not rely on manufacturers’ shop drawings nor their interpretations for our designs. We fully exercise our sculptors’ muscles during the design process. We always perform full-sized and 3D studies to evaluate all design details, from how to place a table reinforcement that is both structurally adequate and aesthetically pleasing to how the pleats should be folded on an accent pillow.

We collaborate with the manufacturers to produce mock-ups to test the function, and then we adjust the design when necessary. We strive for perfection between our design and the final product.

The sky is the limit for creativeness. We love the challenge of constraints. We always tackle problems proactively from both a financial and a technical perspective.

At the beginning of each project, we assess the budget and find the optimal result within this financial framework. During the early design stage, we always initiate collaboration with architects for code compliance and fire and safety issues to ensure our planning is feasible. During the design development stage, we work with engineers on all MEP requirements to seamlessly integrate equipment with design, and we often evaluate the curtain wall condition on whether it will align with the interior function and then make necessary recommendations to the architect.

We believe a design can only thrive when it fulfills its function